Round plastic boxes

For applications in pharma, the chemical industry and technology

Round plastic boxes are used in numerous industries and sectors. As a specialist in plastic packaging with over 85 years of experience, we offer you round plastic boxes with snap-on lids and round boxes with slip-on lids in various sizes in our standard range.

Find the right round tin for your requirements and benefit from packaging you can rely on. If you need special designs, please feel free to contact us and we will find a solution.

Numerous areas of application for our round boxes

The areas of application for our round boxes and containers are diverse. They are suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, chemical and technical industries. Round cans are the ideal packaging for the exact dosing of food, powders, granulates and pastes. If the plastic cans are round, the filling material cannot settle in the corners.

In our modern production facility, we manufacture round boxes with snap-on lids in various designs and sizes. Our standard range includes diameters from 35.4 mm to 66 mm and filling volumes from 22 ml to 250 ml. Like all our other products, the round jars meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

Product range overview: Round containers with snap-on lids

Diameter 1Diameter 2Total Amount with LidVolumeDownload- product sheet
27 mm35,4 mm41 mm22 mlSD-27-35.5x41-PS
29 mm 38 mm25 mlSD-29x38PS
30 mm33 mm68 mm50 mlSD-30-33x68-PS
31 mm33 mm25 mm18 mlSD-31-33x25-PS
40 mm 56 mm68 mlSD-40x56-PS
40 mm50 mm60 mm95 mlSD-40-50x60-PS
43 mm 47 mm69 mlSD-43x47-PS
49 mm 70 mm120 mlSD-49x70-PS
58 mm 80 mm180 mlSD-58x80-PS
66 mm 34 mm110 mlSD-66x34-PP
66 mm 91,5 mm250 mlSD-66x91.5-PP

Our round boxes with snap-on lids are available with a diameter of 24 mm to 105 mm and a filling volume of 3 ml to 395 ml. Classic materials are possible as well as recycled and bio-based materials. The colour of the round jars is freely selectable. The round jars are manufactured in our DIN EN ISO 22000 (food safety) certified production facility. In addition to the standard range, we also have experience in developing and implementing individual packaging solutions.

Product range overview: Round containers with push-on lids

Item NumberDiameter - Internal DimensionsHeight - Internal DimensionsVolumeDownload- product sheet
RDS-24x724 mm7 mm3 mlRDS-24x7-PS
RDS-25x725 mm7 mm3 mlRDS-25x7-PS
RDS-27x1127 mm11 mm6 mlRDS-27x11-PS
RDS-32x1432 mm14 mm10 mlRDS-32x14-PS
RDS-35x835 mm8 mm7 mlRDS-35x8-PS
RDS-44x1544 mm15 mm22 mlRDS-44x15-PS
RDS-47x2547 mm25 mm43 mlRDS-47x25-PS
RDS-47x38.547 mm38,5 mm65 mlRDS-47x38.5-PS
RDS-49x5649 mm56 mm105 mlRDS-49x56-PS
RDS-58x12.558 mm12,5 mm30 mlRDS-58x12.5-PS
RDS-58x15558 mm15,5 mm40 mlRDS-58x15.5-PS
RDS-62x1162 mm11 mm30 mlRDS-62x11-PS
RDS-62x1362 mm13 mm38 mlRDS-62x13-PS
RDS-62x1562 mm15 mm42 mlRDS-62x15-PS
RDS-62x1762 mm18 mm50 mlRDS-62x17-PS
RDS-62x2262 mm22 mm50 mlRDS-62x22-PS
RDS-70x6570 mm6,5 mm24 mlRDS-70x6.5-PS
RDS-74x9474 mm94 mm395 mlRDS-74x94-PS
RDS-74x12274 mm122 mm395 mlRDS-74x122-PS
RDS-74x122R174 mm124,5 mm395 mlRDS-74x122-R1-PS
RDS-75x2675 mm26 mm105 mlRDS-75x26-PS
RDS-75x4075 mm40 mm170 mlRDS-75x40-PS
RDS-75x6275 mm62 mm260 mlRDS-75x62-PS
RDS-75x7575 mm75 mm320 mlRDS-75x75-PS
RDS-90x3090 mm30 mm185 mlRDS-90x30-PS
RDS-90x5090 mm50 mm310 mlRDS-90x50-PS
RDS-105x26105 mm26 mm195 ml


High quality round plastic boxes from H&K Müller

We attach great importance to the sustainability of our products and the energy and raw material efficiency in plastic injection moulding. More than 95 % of our packaging is unmixed and can therefore be recycled much more easily than multi-component packaging when it comes to waste separation.

During the planning of the new construction of our production facility, we also attached great importance to the greatest possible energy efficiency of all production and operating processes from the very beginning. We also pay attention to this high energy efficiency in all new machine acquisitions.

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