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H&K Müller offers you an extensive standard range of measuring beakers and dosing aids made of plastic for every application. As a manufacturer of measuring cups, we attach great importance to high-quality and sustainable products. Measuring beakers specially tailored to your needs are also no problem. We would be pleased to create individual measuring beakers and dosing aids made of plastic on your request.

Various colours available

Various materials available

Organic plastics available

Measuring beakers and dosing aids from H&K Müller

The chemical industry makes extensive demands on product packaging and dosing aids. Above all, resistant materials that can withstand even critical filling goods are relevant in this industry. Also other sectors such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry also benefit from high-quality measuring beakers and dosing aids. As a measuring beaker manufacturer with many years of experience, we have the necessary know-how to implement individual customer requirements.

Materials and sizes for your requirements

The right material for your measuring beakers depends on your requirements. Polypropylene (PP) is particularly tough and resistant to critical filling goods. Reliable stability is particularly relevant for measuring beakers that are added to the sales packaging. A transparent polypropylene ensures that the product and the scale are clearly visible. Polysterol (PS) offers a high-quality appearance with excellent surface hardness. However, its resistance to critical filling goods is limited. We offer our measuring beakers and dosing aids in our range with filling volumes from 6 ml to 500 ml.

Polypropylene (PP) measuring beakers

manufacturer and supplier of plastic measuring beakers
manufacturer and supplier of measuring beakers out of organic plastic

Polypropylene measuring beakers are nearly invincible and are resistant to critical filling materials. If the measuring beakers are to be included directly in the product packaging, polypropylene is the material of choice. An especially transparent type of material is used during production to ensure that the product to be measured out (or, if applicable, the scale) can be easily seen.

Polystyrene (PS) measuring beakers

H&K Müller manufacturer and supplier of plastic measuring beakers
manufacturer and supplier of measuring beakers from organic plastic

Polystyrene measuring beakers boast a high-quality, crystal-clear look. The glass-like plastic features an excellent surface hardness, yet its elasticity lags behind that of polypropylene. Its resistance against critical filling material is restricted as well.

Product range overview: Measuring beaker from Polystyrene

Item Number     Diameter     Height     Volume     Scaling     Image Download - product sheet
1A-PS 27-29,6 mm 25,9 mm 10 ml with scaling: 2,5 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 ml   MB-No. 1A-PS
1B-PS 27-29,6 mm 25,9 mm 10 ml with scaling: 1-10 ml   MB-No. 1B-PS
1-PS 27-29,6 mm 25,9 mm 10 ml without scaling   MB-No. 1-PS
3-PS 34-35,3 mm 67,7 mm 25 ml with scaling: 1-25 ml   MB-No. 3-PS
4D-PS 37,1-42,8 mm 32,5 mm 30 ml with scaling: 2,5 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 20 ml/ 30 ml   MB-No. 4D-PS
7-PS 23,4-25,1 mm 91,5 mm 30 ml without scaling   MB-No. 7-PS
8-PS 34-35,6 mm 51,5 mm 42 ml without scaling   MB-No. 8-PS
10-PS 39,3-42,6 mm 49,5 mm 55 ml without scaling   MB-No. 10-PS
11-PS 41,8-53,4 mm 62,2 mm 95 ml without scaling   MB-No. 11-PS
12-1-PS 40,4-46,8 mm 97 mm 100 ml without scaling   MB-No. 12-PS
14-PS 55,8-63,7 mm 81 mm 200 ml without scaling   MB-No. 14-PS

Measuring beakers from plastic for perfect dosage

Rely on exact dosage thanks to individual scaling options. You can choose between measuring beakers with integrated or printed scaling or have us screen-print neutral measuring beakers with individual scaling. Our plastic measuring jugs can also be made of recycled or biologically based plastics on request.

manufacturer and supplier for individual plsatic measuring beakers
Verschiedene von H&K Müller nach Kundenwunsch hergestellte Kunststoffverpackungen und technische Kunststoffspritzgussteile

Wide range of design options

Measuring beakers according to customer specifications

On request, the measuring beakers and dosing aids can be coloured in any colour. Adapt your measuring beakers and dosing aids to your ideas. Also an individual decoration of the dosing aids ist available. Screen printing with up to four colours or a single-colour embossing are no problem


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Multiple selection possible