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Resource saving and sustainable plastic injection moulded packaging and parts bij manufacturer H&K Müller


The topics of environmental protection, sustainability and recycling are more relevant than ever. As integral components of the H&K Müller corporate philosophy and our company policies, resource conservation, awareness for the environment and sustainability inform all of our activities as a company. For decades, our company has been dedicated to striking a balance between economic success and social responsibility in everything we do. Sustainable business practices and their long-term effects make us a particularly innovative and forward-looking company on the market.

H&K Müller is especially committed to energy and resource efficiency. We took these aspects into particularly careful consideration when building our new company headquarters, which opened its doors in 2009.

Sustainable plastic injection moulding at manufacturer H&K Müller
The company H&K Müller is a sustainable plastic injection molding manufacturer. Certified according to ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 22000 food safety, ISO 50001 energy management.


The technology at the new company grounds also reflects the significance of sustainability at H&K Müller. The production facility can be heated almost completely with waste heat from the production process using sophisticated energy technology. This lets us massively cut CO2 emissions. Additional CO2 emissions are cut by increasingly turning to electric instead of fuel-powered drive systems in our production and other areas of the company.

Additionally, the rooftops are fitted with a total of 2,800 m² of solar panels with a total output of more than 410 kW h. The production facility operates nearly emissions-free. These solar panels cover 15% of H&K Müller’s energy needs, and we also use energy-saving, fully electric injection-moulding machines.

Using sophisticated energy technology, we are able to heat our production facility almost completely with waste heat from the production process. 

A new printing machine lets us print much more effectively with regards to throughput time and pre-flame treatment, thus reducing gas consumption.

We always ensure high energy efficiency when acquiring new machinery and use an electricity meter to monitor the energy being consumed by our manufacturing equipment at all times. As a company certified according to the DIN IN ISO 50001 energy management standard, we ensure consistent and ongoing monitoring of our energy processes.
By taking these measures, we are able to save an average of 200.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

resource-saving and sustainable manufacturer of plastic injection moulding parts and packaging
H&K Müller is a modern, sustainable and resource-saving plastic injection moulding plant - certified according to ISO 50001 energy management, plastic packaging and injection moulded parts are produced.

Environmental protection

We recycle an average of 98,000 kg of pre-consumer plastic from prototypes and production waste every year, which we regranulate in our own in-house mill. Much of this material flows back into our production to manufacture products that are not subject to certain food and pharmaceutical safety restrictions. Unfortunately, the law does not permit all products to be made of recycled material, even though this would be technically possible. We sell the material that we cannot use to other companies that incorporate it in their production processes. We see the resulting closed-loop system as our contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Throughout our expansive green spaces, you will find orchard meadows, infiltration basins and streams, which we have rewilded ourselves. These perfectly complement our gardens. H&K Müller also promotes cycling locally as well as the conversion of coniferous forests to mixed deciduous forests.

From the beginning of the planning phase when building our new production facility, we placed great importance on being mindful of nature and ensuring all of our production and company processes boast maximum energy efficiency. The orchard meadows on our company grounds are located along a stream that has been rewilded for the benefit of nature, and have become a home to a range of wildlife in recent years.
H&K Müller has been committed to environmental protection and sustainability for many years, and is constantly striving to expand this commitment.

Recycling plastic packaging and injection moulded parts
A large part of H&K Müller's plastic packaging and injection moulded parts can be produced from recycled or recycled plastics

Recycling and biodegradable plastic materials

H&K Müller has also been actively recycling plastic waste for many years and has implemented the following measures:

  • We have been manufacturing products made exclusively of recycled materials for our customers for over 50 years
  • Many of the products we manufacture for our customers are made partially of recycled material
  • Ongoing research and tests with new recyclables and biodegradable, organic materials and additives
  • A large part the standard range from H&K Müller is made of recycled, organic and biodegradable materials. We are working hard to be able to offer all of these options for our products
  • Processing infrared-reflective dark masterbatches so that dark plastic products can also be identified in recycling and sorting facilities, and thus introduced to a recycling process.
  • Continuous research and development on new tool and construction parameters for the continuous optimisation of material use
  • Over 95% of the packaging H&K Müller produces is homogeneous, meaning it is considerably easer to recycle if sorted properly than packaging with multiple components, such as beverage cartons and composite films.


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