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As a traditional family business we know: Plastic screw top containers are the ideal packaging for a wide range of products. Our extensive range of plastic screw top containers is not only suitable for a wide variety of industries, but also convinces with a combination of function and design. Package your products safely and in a visually appealing way. Develop high-quality packaging for your brand together with us.

Various materials available

Organic plastics available

Recycled plastics available

Various colours available

Flexible design through different colours and sizes and materials

Our plastic screw top containers are available in two different design versions, "Classic Line" and "Modern Line". The different designs allow a flexible adaptation to your requirements. Our screw top containers are also available in different colours. Our standard range includes filling volumes from 11 ml to 2557 ml. Depending on the design line, you can individually design the screw cap or the whole jar using screen printing and thus easily adapt it to your brand. There are practically no limits to the design of your plastic screw top containers.

High quality with screw top containers fom H&K Müller

Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues. For us a responsible handling of the material "plastic" plays a major role. Many of our articles are made of 100% recycled plastic material. More than 95% of the products produced by H&K Müller are sorted according to type, so that they are much easier to recycle than multi-component packaging. By choosing screw top containers the manufacturer H&K Müller, you are opting for resource-saving and at the same time high-performance products.

Classic Line

Screw top container from manufacturer and supplier H&K Müller
plastic containers with screw top closure
  • Classics from the H&K Müller range
  • Diameter of 36–120 mm
  • Various capacities available ranging from 11 ml to 2,557 ml
  • Comprehensive range of accessories (sealing inserts, sealing rims, sealing discs, sealing rings, scattering inserts)
  • Lids available in various designs (smooth and rippled)
  • Custom multicolour screen-printed wraparound design available on request
  • Custom two-colour screen-printed lid design available on request

Modern Line

manufacturer and supplier of jars and screw top container from organic palstic
manufacturer and supplier of screw top container and jars from recycled plastic
  • Streamlined, puristic look
  • Available in diameters of 64 mm and 108 mm
  • Various capacities
  • Lid design with inner sealing rim available for selected designs
  • Custom multicolour screen-printed wraparound design available on request

Product range overview: Screw top containers - Modern Line

Item Number     Diameter     Volume     Download - product sheet
64-70 64 mm 80 ml SDUT-64-70
64-175 64 mm 189 ml SDUT-64-175
64-250 64 mm 256 ml SDUT-64-250
108-1050 108 mm 1110 ml SDUT-108-1050
108-1300 108 mm 1300 ml SDUT-108-1300

Accessories overview: Modern Line

Accessories     Diameter     Accessories Description     Item Number    
Screw Lid 64 mm matt finish, with smooth rim and stacking area SDOT-64-1-GL
Screw Lid 64 mm matt finish, with corrugated rim and stacking area SDOT-64-1
Screw Lid 108 mm with corrugated rim and stacking area SDOT-108-1
Screw Lid 108 mm with corrugated rim and stacking area and inner sealing lip SDOT-108-1-SL
H&K Müller manufacturer of individual screw top container
Verschiedene von H&K Müller nach Kundenwunsch hergestellte Kunststoffverpackungen und technische Kunststoffspritzgussteile

Individual solutions

Screw-top containers to customer specifications

Together with our experienced designers and in-house tool shop, we can create an individual plastic container according to your specific needs and ideas. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about H&K Müller screw-top containers.


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Multiple selection possible