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Reusable plastic cups are a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to disposable cups and are also safer than glass. They can be stacked to save space and are reusable many times over. Reusable plastic cups from H&K Müller are high quality and extremely durable. Discover the possibilities that reusable plastic cups can offer you for events.

Various materials available

Organic plastics available

Various colours available

Manufacturer of reusable cups for events, concerts and stadiums

For events, concerts and in stadiums, plastic drinking cups are suitable for a variety of beverage serving concepts and can also function as an advertising medium for your company, for example. Plastic cups from the manufacturer H&K Müller for reusable use are the ideal product for drinks at events, concerts or in stadiums.

Different volumes and sizes for all requirements

With the option of different sizes and filling volumes, our reusable cups can meet all requirements. Our standard range includes returnable cups with a calibration volume of 0.2 litres to 0.5 litres. Individual filling volumes are also no problem. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reusable plastic cups made of Polypropylene (PP)

manufacturer of returnable 40 cl plastic cups

Reusable cups made of polypropylene (PP) are practically unbreakable. When exposed to force, the plastic cups deform and do not shatter. The event cups made of polypropylene are dishwasher safe and can therefore be reused many times. They are a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to disposable cups. An individualisation with a customer-specific logo or layout is available through up to four-colour screen printing.

Reusable plastic cups made of bio plastic (green-PE)

Bioplastic reusable beaker 0,4 l manufacturer

As a manufacturer of reusable event cups, H&K Müller also offers variants made of bioplastic. These cups are made of biologically based plastic, which is obtained from production waste from the sugar cane industry or the wood industry. The sustainable origin of the bio-plastic material used for the production of the reusable cups can also be seen in the visual appearance. In contrast to polypropylene (PP), the returnable event cups and festival cups made of bio-based plastic are milky transparent. However, the fill level of inserted beverages can be read without any problems.

The plastic for the production of ISCC Plus certified returnable cups is obtained from tall oil, a waste product of the wood and paper industry. ISCC Plus certified plastic cups are transparent and cannot be distinguished visually or haptically from cups made of fossil plastics.

Product range overview: Reusable plastic cups from bio plastic

Item Number     Diameter     Height     Volume     Calibration volume     Image Download - product sheet
20-GPE 55,8-63,7 mm 137,5 mm 500 ml 400 ml   MB-No. 20-GPE

Safe and unbreakable reusable cups made from fossil or bioplastic

Reusable cups made from polypropylene are unbreakable and safe. Our drinking cups are available in PP as well as in the biologically based Green-PE or ISCC Plus certified plastic based on tall oil. The cups made of bio-based plastic are created from production waste from the sugar cane or wood industry. All three types of material are dishwasher-safe and can therefore be reused many times without any problems.

Frequently asked questions about plastic cups from H&K Müller

Why reusable cups from H&K Müller can be only ordered with screen printing, offset printing or embossed decoration?

In order to be able to offer our customers a high degree of individualisation, our returnable cups have no fixed calibration marks integrated into the cup shape. The calibration mark, of the full volume required by the customer, is integrated by H&K Müller into the customer-specific cup design.

Is inmould label (IML) decoration of plastic cups possible at H&K Müller?

With its reusable cups, H&K Müller is pursuing a sustainable and homogeneous concept. Our claim is to manufacture products for recycling that are as pure as possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible with IML decoration, as IML laber and cup material must be made of different plastic materials due to production requirements. As a result, the overmoulding of the rennet mixes two plastic materials which can no longer be recycled separately. For this reason, we only offer screen printing, offset printing and embossing decorations for our returnable cups, as the printing inks applied can be removed from the plastic material during the recycling process.

Is H&K Müller offering additional services according to its reusable plastic cups?

At H&K Müller you can obtain your returnable cups with individual decoration directly from the manufacturer. For this reason we can offer you favourable cost prices for cups with decoration. Our cups are shipped by a forwarding agency to any place in Europe. However, we do not offer additional services such as rental models, return, storage and rinsing services.

What is the minimum order quantity for reusable plastic cups?

The minimum purchase quantity for individually printed returnable cups from H&K Müller is 10,000 pieces per order. The sky ist the limit.

Are the returnable cups made of bioplastics (Green-PE) biodegradable?

The sustainable reusable plastic cups made of bio-plastic (Green PE) from H&K Müller are made from a waste product of the sugar cane industry. Therefore, the production of the used bioplastics does not compete with the production of food. The bioplastic material used is recyclable and offers a closed CO² cycle. This means that the CO² compounds contained in the plastic have previously been absorbed from nature by the sugar cane plants and that no additional CO² compounds from fossil sources are contained in the cups.

Individual design of your plastic cups

Have your reusable plastic cups designed according to your individual ideas. A customised logo or layout using screen printing, offset printing or embossing is no problem. This way, the appearance of the product can be decisively changed and you create recognition value for your brand at events.

supplier of individual reusable plastic cups
Verschiedene von H&K Müller nach Kundenwunsch hergestellte Kunststoffverpackungen und technische Kunststoffspritzgussteile

Individual plastic cups according to customer requirements

Individual reusable plastic cups for events, festivals, concerts and stadiums

You have not found what you are looking for in our standard range and require different filling volumes or cup designs. We will be happy to advise you on a returnable cup concept tailored to your individual needs. With our own design and development department as well as our own toolmaking department, where we build, maintain and service all injection moulding tools used at H&K Müller ourselves, we can react quickly and flexibly to customer-specific requirements. We realise individual decoration with our in-house screen and embossing printing. Our staff will be happy to advise you!


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