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Dosing aids such as measuring scoops and measuring spoons made of plastic are particularly relevant in the food and pharmaceutical industry for dosing products where an exactly measured quantity is important. H&K Müller offers an extensive standard range of measuring scoops and dosing spoons.

Various colours available

Various materials available

Organic plastics available

Perfect and hygienically dosed

Our production facility is certified according to ISO 22000 food safety, so we produce to high quality and hygiene standards. These hygiene standards are particularly relevant in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Some models are available on request with a scale to enable precise dosing. Pharmaceutical products in particular often require very precise dosing.

Various materials and sizes

To ensure that you receive the right measuring scoop or dosing spoon for every purpose, we have various models in our standard range. Different shapes and handle lengths offer flexible adaptation for every possible application. We serve filling volumes from 3 ml to 64 ml. Our measuring scoops are available in polypropylene and polystyrene. On request we also produce our measuring scoops from recycled and biologically based plastics.

Polypropylene (PP) measuring scoops

H&K Müller manufacturer and supplier of measuring scoops
measuring scoop from organic plastic

Polypropylene measuring scoops are nearly invincible and are resistant to critical filling materials. If the measuring scoops are to be included directly in the product packaging, polypropylene is the material of choice. An especially transparent type of material is used during production to ensure that the product to be measured out (or, if applicable, the scale) can be easily seen.

Polystyrene (PS) measuring scoops

H&K Müller manufacturer and supplier of measuring scoops from organic plastic
measuring scoops made of organic plastic

Polystyrene measuring scoops boast a high-quality, crystal-clear look. The glass-like plastic features an excellent surface hardness, yet its elasticity lags behind that of polypropylene. Its resistance to critical filling materials is also limited.

Product range overview: Measuring scoops from Polystyrene

Item Number     Total length     Volume     Scaling     Image Download- product sheet
3A-PS 94 mm 16 ml without scaling   MS-No. 3A-PS
4A-PS 127,5 mm 28 ml without scaling   MS-No. 4A-PS
5-PS 72 mm 6,5 ml without scaling   MS-No. 5-PS
8-PS 94,5 mm 3 ml without scaling   MS-No. 8-PS
8-PS-G 94,5 mm 3 ml with scaling: 1 ml/ 2ml   MS-No. 8-PS-G
9-PS 189 mm 17 ml without scaling   MS-No. 9-PS
10A-PS 88 mm 8 ml without scaling   MS-No. 10A-PS
11-PS 115 mm 33 ml without scaling   MS-No. 11-PS
11-PS-G 115 mm 33 ml with scaling: 20 ml/ 25 ml   MS-No. 11-PS-G
12A-PS 117,9 mm 10 ml without scaling   MS-No. 12A-PS
14-PS 158 mm 17 ml without scaling   MS-No. 14-PS
15-PS 85 mm 10 ml without scaling   MS-No. 15-PS
17A-PS 118 mm 5 ml without scaling   MS-No. 17A-PS
18-PS 95 mm 8,5 ml without scaling   MS-No. 18-PS
20-PS 90 mm 5 ml without scaling   MS-No. 20-PS
21-PS 69,8 mm 3 ml without scaling   MS-No. 21-PS
21-PS-G 69,8 mm 3 ml with scaling: 1 ml/ 2ml   MS-No. 21-PS-G
23A-PS 88 mm 10 ml without scaling   MS-No. 23A-PS
24A-PS 86 mm 22 ml without scaling   MS-No. 24A-PS
28-PS 118 mm 13 ml without scaling   MS-No. 28-PS
28-PS-G 117 mm 12,9 ml with scaling: 1 ml/3 ml/ 7 ml/ 9 ml/ 11 ml/ 13 ml   MS-No. 28-PS-G
29-PS 131,2 mm 25 ml without scaling   MS-No. 29-PS
30-PS 109,5 mm 25 ml without scaling   MS-No. 30-PS
31-PS 125 mm 20 ml without scaling   MS-No. 31-PS
32-PS 125 mm 25 ml without scaling   MS-No. 32-PS
33-PS 105 mm 30 ml with scaling: 20 ml/ 25 ml   MS-No. 33-PS

Flexible design through individual engraving and colour

Design your measuring and dosing scoops individually and adapt the colour and decoration to your ideas. Colours can be realised in almost all colours on request. An individual engraving can also be realised according to your wishes. Receive measuring spoons matching your company. We will also be happy to decorate your measuring scoops by screen printing or hot foil stamping.

manufacturer and supplier of individual plastic measuring scoops
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Individual solutions

Measuring scoops to customer specifications

Do you need a completely individual measuring scoop in a certain colour, with hot-foil embossing or engraving, or in a size that is not listed? We would be happy to talk to you about our customised measuring scoops.


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