H&K Müller GmbH & Co. KG
H&K Müller - Plastic injection molding manufacturer since 1934
The company H&K Müller is a plastic injection moulding company, founded in 1934, located in germany
H&K Müller is manufacturer of palstic injection moulded parts certified according to iso 22000 food safety
View into the injection moulding department at the company H&k Müller GmbH & Co. KG, plastic injection moulding plant since 1934 in Engelskirchen. Certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 22000 food safety and ISO 50001 energy management
View of the high-bay warehouse at H&K Müller manufacturer of plastic injection moulded parts
View into one of four warehouses of the company H&K Müller. The high-bay warehouse offers space for a total of 1350 pallets.
Warehouse for plastic granulate at H&K Müller Kunststoffspritzgusswerk
View into the large high-bay warehouse at H&K Müller in Engelskirchen. Injection moulding factory
H&K Müller plastic injection moulding plant
entrance area of the administration with foyer and in-house exhibition
Manufacturer of plastic injection moulded parts
Exterior view of the production site Engelskirchen of the company H&K Müller GmbH & Co. KG



We have been an independent, international family business headquartered in lovely Bergisches Land since 1934. Our customers are our partners. For us, customer satisfaction comes first. As a full-service provider, H&K Müller realises customers’ projects – from the design and development to a logistics concept tailored to their individual needs.

late managing director Richard Müller
Picture of the deceased longtime managing director Richard Müller.

Leading the way with sustainable technologies


For decades, our company has been dedicated to striking a balance between economic success and social responsibility in everything we do. Our business activities are guided by the principle of sustainability. Sustainable business practices and their long-term effects make us a particularly innovative and forward-looking company on the market. We strive to develop new strategies to counter the challenges of the future, when our resource consumption can no longer be reconciled with demand. H&K Müller is especially committed to energy and resource efficiency.


Out of tradition and experience



Picture of H&K Müllers founder Hugo Müller
Picture of H&K Müllers founder Ms. Katharina Müller

Hugo and Katharina Müller found the company in 1934

Hugo and Katharina Müller founded the company in 1934, at a time when the plastics industry was still at the beginning of its development and pioneering spirit was in demand. They started out developing packaging for the local dental drill industry as a hygienic alternative to the wooden packaging common at the time.


Plastic injection moulding Manufacturer H&K Müllers plant in 1965

H&K Müller in 1965

Production began with hand-operated piston-injection moulding machines. In the years that followed, the company found success in the development of new, versatile and malleable plastics with material advantages unheard of at the time. Because they could be produced in a single process, plastics were soon preferred in many areas over materials like wood, metal and glass, which are difficult to work with. The non-conductive material had the advantage of being lightweight as well as resistant to water and several types of chemicals. It also offered optical advantages by allowing for different colours and surface textures, and it could be printed on.


Plasitc injection moulding factory  H&K Müller in 1988

H&K Müller in 1988

In such a fast-growing market, H&K Müller is keeping step with the rapid development of the fabrics industry. Under the leadership of Richard Müller in the second half of the 20th century, the company was able to establish the market position it occupies today. Our customers have been benefiting for decades from our extensive experience in the processing of various thermoplastics and the production of complex injection moulds in our own tool shop.

They receive products from a single source, from development and design, tool construction and injection moulding to the final packaged product.


New production plant of H&K Müller plastic injection moulding manufacturer in 2009

H&K Müller in 2009

Founded in 1934, H&K Müller was one of the first plastics companies in Germany. Now in its third generation of leadership, the owner-operated company has a strong history of steady development. They tested new machines, materials and technical methods, and integrated them into the production process. Its permanent focus on technical progress led to the use of technology typical of the market, as well as the development and construction of its own machinery and equipment to meet specific demands and increase efficiency in production. The company’s steady growth was accompanied by an increased need for space, requiring the construction of a new production facility in Engelskirchen, which opened in 2009.


Plastic injection moulding manufacturer H&K Müller in 2012

H&K Müller in 2012

In 2012, an additional warehouse was added to the Alsbacher Eichen facility and rooftop surfaces fitted with solar panels, expanding H&K Müller’s solar energy output to 420 kWp. The company currently operates 56 modern injection-moulding machines, the majority of which are fitted with handling devices.