Round containers with push-on lids

Precisely measure foodstuffs, powders, granulates and pastes

  • These round containers with push-on lids from H&K Müller are suitable for a diverse range of applications in pharma, hospitals, the chemical industry and technology.
  • All products are manufactured in the H&K production facility, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy management).
  • Made in Germany
  • Round plastic containers from H&K Müller are available with diameters of between 35.4 mm and 66 mm in the standard range.
  • Recycled and organic materials are available in addition to classic materials (PS, PE).
  • As with all other products, the round plastic containers are produced in a production facility that is certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000 (food safety).

Product range overview: Round containers with push-on lids

Item NumberDiameter - Internal DimensionsHeight - Internal DimensionsVolumeDownload- product sheet
RDS-24x724 mm7 mm3 mlRDS-24x7-PS
RDS-25x725 mm7 mm3 mlRDS-25x7-PS
RDS-27x1127 mm11 mm6 mlRDS-27x11-PS
RDS-32x1432 mm14 mm10 mlRDS-32x14-PS
RDS-35x835 mm8 mm7 mlRDS-35x8-PS
RDS-44x1544 mm15 mm22 mlRDS-44x15-PS
RDS-47x2547 mm25 mm43 mlRDS-47x25-PS
RDS-47x38.547 mm38,5 mm65 mlRDS-47x38.5-PS
RDS-49x5649 mm56 mm105 mlRDS-49x56-PS
RDS-58x12.558 mm12,5 mm30 mlRDS-58x12.5-PS
RDS-58x15558 mm15,5 mm40 mlRDS-58x15.5-PS
RDS-62x1162 mm11 mm30 mlRDS-62x11-PS
RDS-62x1362 mm13 mm38 mlRDS-62x13-PS
RDS-62x1562 mm15 mm42 mlRDS-62x15-PS
RDS-62x1762 mm18 mm50 mlRDS-62x17-PS
RDS-62x2262 mm22 mm50 mlRDS-62x22-PS
RDS-70x6570 mm6,5 mm24 mlRDS-70x6.5-PS
RDS-74x9474 mm94 mm395 mlRDS-74x94-PS
RDS-74x12274 mm122 mm395 mlRDS-74x122-PS
RDS-74x122R174 mm124,5 mm395 mlRDS-74x122-R1-PS
RDS-75x2675 mm26 mm105 mlRDS-75x26-PS
RDS-75x4075 mm40 mm170 mlRDS-75x40-PS
RDS-75x6275 mm62 mm260 mlRDS-75x62-PS
RDS-75x7575 mm75 mm320 mlRDS-75x75-PS
RDS-90x3090 mm30 mm185 mlRDS-90x30-PS
RDS-90x5090 mm50 mm310 mlRDS-90x50-PS
RDS-105x26105 mm26 mm195 ml


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