Plastic measuring beakers

Discover our comprehensive range of measuring beakers

  • Comprehensive range of measuring beakers with capacities of between 6 ml and 500 ml
  • Many H&K Müller measuring beakers feature an integrated or printed scale
  • Plastic H&K Müller measuring beakers made of recycled and organic materials are available on request
  • The measuring beakers can be dyed on request
  • One- to four-colour screen-printed designs and one-colour hot-foil embossed designs are available for H&K measuring beakers on request

Polypropylene measuring beakers are nearly invincible and are resistant to critical filling materials. If the measuring beakers are to be included directly in the product packaging, polypropylene is the material of choice. An especially transparent type of material is used during production to ensure that the product to be measured out (or, if applicable, the scale) can be easily seen.

Product range overview: Measuring beakers from Polypropylene

Item NumberDiameterHeightVolumeScalingImageDownload - product sheet
1-PP26,7-29,4 mm25,6 mm10 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 1-PP
1B-PP26,7-29,4 mm25,6 mm10 mlwith scaling: 1-10 mlImageMB-No. 1A-PP
3-PP33,6-35 mm66,8 mm25 mlwith scaling: 1-25 mlImageMB-No. 3-PP
4A-PP36,8-42,4 mm32,2 mm30 mlwith scaling: 10 ccm/ 20 ccm/ 30 ccmImageMB-No. 4A-PP
4E-PP36,8-42,4 mm33,2 mm30 mlwith scaling: 1 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 30 mlImageMB-No. 4E-PP
6A-PP30,5-35 mm49 mm30 mlwith scaling: 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 15 ml 20 ml- 25 ml- 30 mlImageMB-No. 6A-PP
6B-PP30,5-35 mm49 mm30 mlwith scaling: 2,5 ml/ 5 ml/ 7,5 ml/ 10 ml/ 15 ml/ 20 ml/ 25 ml/ 30 mlImageMB-No. 6B-PP
9D-PP39-45,4 mm47,5 mm50 mlwith scaling: 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 20 ml/ 30 ml/ 40 ml/ 50 mlImageMB-No. 9D-PP
10-PP39,1-42,4 mm48,8 mm55 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 10-PP
11-PP41,4-52,8 mm61,1 mm95 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 11-PP
11A-PP41,4-52,8 mm61,1 mm95 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 11A-PP
12-1-PP40-46,2 mm96 mm100 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 12-PP
13-PP53,7-60,4 mm66,3mm150 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 13-PP
13A-PP53,7-60,4 mm66,3 mm150 mlwith scaling: 10-150 mlImageMB-No. 13A-PP
14-PP55,3-63 mm80 mm200 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 14-PP
14A-PP55,3-63 mm80 mm200 mlwith scaling: 10-200 mlImageMB-No. 14A-PP
15-PP55,3-71,7 mm94,2 mm250 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 15-PP
15C-PP55,3-71,7 mm94,2 mm250 mlwith scaling: 10-250 mlImageMB-No. 15C-PP
17A-PP32,3-34,4 mm33 mm20 mlwith scaling: 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 15 ml/ 20 mlImageMB-No. 17A-PP
17B-PP32,3-34,4 mm33 mm20 mlwith scaling: 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 15 ml/ 20 mlImageMB-No. 17B-PP
17C-PP32,3-34,4 mm33 mm20 mlwith finde scaling: 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 15 ml/ 20 mlImageMB-No. 17C-PP
18-PP46,9-53,4 mm65,8 mm110 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 18-PP
18A-PP46,9-53,4 mm65,8 mm110 mlwith scaling: 10-100 mlImageMB-No. 18A-PP
19A-PP22,8-24,8 mm18,8 mm6 mlwith scaling: 0,5-5 mlImageMB-No. 19A-PP
20-PP63-81,3 mm137,5 mm500 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 20-PP
20A-PP63-81,3 mm137,5 mm500 mlwith scaling: 20-500 mlImageMB-No. 20A-PP

Polystyrene measuring beakers boast a high-quality, crystal-clear look. The glass-like plastic features an excellent surface hardness, yet its elasticity lags behind that of polypropylene. Its resistance against critical filling material is restricted as well.

Product range overview: Measuring beaker from Polystyrene

Item NumberDiameterHeightVolumeScalingImageDownload - product sheet
1A-PS27-29,6 mm25,9 mm10 mlwith scaling: 2,5 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 mlImageMB-No. 1A-PS
1B-PS27-29,6 mm25,9 mm10 mlwith scaling: 1-10 mlImageMB-No. 1B-PS
1-PS27-29,6 mm25,9 mm10 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 1-PS
3-PS34-35,3 mm67,7 mm25 mlwith scaling: 1-25 mlImageMB-No. 3-PS
4D-PS37,1-42,8 mm32,5 mm30 mlwith scaling: 2,5 ml/ 5 ml/ 10 ml/ 20 ml/ 30 mlImageMB-No. 4D-PS
7-PS23,4-25,1 mm91,5 mm30 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 7-PS
8-PS34-35,6 mm51,5 mm42 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 8-PS
10-PS39,3-42,6 mm49,5 mm55 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 10-PS
11-PS41,8-53,4 mm62,2 mm95 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 11-PS
12-1-PS40,4-46,8 mm97 mm100 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 12-PS
14-PS55,8-63,7 mm81 mm200 mlwithout scalingImageMB-No. 14-PS

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