Thick-walled and diffusion proof screw top containers

Diffusion proof screw top containers from H&K Müller

  • Thick-walled and diffusion proof plastic containers are screw-top containers with a high wall strength of two millimetres for sensitive media that requires extra protection.
  • High shock-resistance and breaking strength
  • By utilising special materials, we are able to ensure product properties like electrical conductivity.
  • Various applications for sensitive media in the technical and chemical industries.
  • Available in diameters of 54 mm , 69 mm and 100 mm
  • Various capacities available ranging from 83 ml to 1,245 ml
  • Lids with stacking area
  • Various sealing rings available as accessories
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000 (food safety)
  • Made in Germany
  • In addition to classic materials (PP, PE), H&K Müller plastic jars and containers can also be made of recycled and organic materials.
  • Thick-walled plastic jars and containers are the ideal packaging for media with particularly high requirements in terms of air-tightness, UV protection, migration, etc.
  • Custom one- to four-colour screen-printed wraparound design as well as hot-foil embossing and metallisation for H&K Müller diffusion proof screw-top jars and containers available on request.

Flexible design through different colours and sizes and materials

Our plastic screw top containers are available in two different design versions, "Classic Line" and "Modern Line". The different designs allow a flexible adaptation to your requirements. Our screw top containers are also available in different colours. Our standard range includes filling volumes from 11 ml to 2557 ml. Depending on the design line, you can individually design the screw cap or the whole jar using screen printing and thus easily adapt it to your brand. There are practically no limits to the design of your plastic screw top containers.

High quality with screw top containers fom H&K Müller

Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues. For us a responsible handling of the material "plastic" plays a major role. Many of our articles are made of 100% recycled plastic material. More than 95% of the products produced by H&K Müller are sorted according to type, so that they are much easier to recycle than multi-component packaging. By choosing screw top containers the manufacturer H&K Müller, you are opting for resource-saving and at the same time high-performance products.

Thick-walled screw-top jars and containers are ideal for use whenever a filling material requires particularly thick and distortion-proof packaging. This series was originally developed for air transport, where negative pressure in the cargo area places special requirements on freight. A conductive version of these high-end screw-top jars and containers is now even used for transporting gunpowder.

Product range overview: Thick-walled and distortion-proof screw-top jars and containers

Item NumberDiameterVolumeDownload- product sheet
54-85-RD54 mm83 mlSDUT-54-85-RD
54-110-RD54 mm118 mlSDUT-54-110-RD
54-165-RD54 mm170 mlSDUT-54-165-RD
69-260-RD69 mm264 mlSDUT-69-260-RD
69-300-RD69 mm308 mlSDUT-69-300-RD
100-600-RD100 mm617,5 mlSDUT-100-600-RD
100-750-RD100 mm801 mlSDUT-100-750-RD
100-1100-RD100 mm1103 mlSDUT-100-1100-RD
100-1250-RD100 mm1245 mlSDUT-100-1250-RD
100-1250-RD-RS100 mm1245 mlSDUT-100-1250-RD-RS

Accessoires overview:

AccessoriesØ mmAccessories DescriptionItem Number
Screw Lid54with stacking areaSDOT-54-1-RD
Sealing Insert54with recessed gripSDE-55-PE
Screw Lid69with stacking areaSDOT-69-1-RD
Sealing Insert69with middle grip barSDE-70-PE
Screw Lid100with stacking areaSDOT-100-1-RD
Sealing Insert100with recessed gripSDE-102-PE

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