Thick-walled and diffusion proof screw top containers

Diffusion proof screw top containers from H&K Müller

  • Thick-walled and diffusion proof plastic containers are screw-top containers with a high wall strength of two millimetres for sensitive media that requires extra protection.
  • High shock-resistance and breaking strength
  • By utilising special materials, we are able to ensure product properties like electrical conductivity.
  • Various applications for sensitive media in the technical and chemical industries.
  • Available in diameters of 54 mm , 69 mm and 100 mm
  • Various capacities available ranging from 83 ml to 1,245 ml
  • Lids with stacking area
  • Various sealing rings available as accessories
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000 (food safety)
  • Made in Germany
  • In addition to classic materials (PP, PE), H&K Müller plastic jars and containers can also be made of recycled and organic materials.
  • Thick-walled plastic jars and containers are the ideal packaging for media with particularly high requirements in terms of air-tightness, UV protection, migration, etc.
  • Custom one- to four-colour screen-printed wraparound design as well as hot-foil embossing and metallisation for H&K Müller diffusion proof screw-top jars and containers available on request.

Thick-walled screw-top jars and containers are ideal for use whenever a filling material requires particularly thick and distortion-proof packaging. This series was originally developed for air transport, where negative pressure in the cargo area places special requirements on freight. A conductive version of these high-end screw-top jars and containers is now even used for transporting gunpowder.

Product range overview: Thick-walled and distortion-proof screw-top jars and containers

Item NumberDiameterVolumeDownload- product sheet
54-85-RD54 mm83 mlSDUT-54-85-RD
54-110-RD54 mm118 mlSDUT-54-110-RD
54-165-RD54 mm170 mlSDUT-54-165-RD
69-260-RD69 mm264 mlSDUT-69-260-RD
69-300-RD69 mm308 mlSDUT-69-300-RD
100-600-RD100 mm617,5 mlSDUT-100-600-RD
100-750-RD100 mm801 mlSDUT-100-750-RD
100-1100-RD100 mm1103 mlSDUT-100-1100-RD
100-1250-RD100 mm1245 mlSDUT-100-1250-RD
100-1250-RD-RS100 mm1245 mlSDUT-100-1250-RD-RS

Accessoires overview:

AccessoriesØ mmAccessories DescriptionItem Number
Screw Lid54with stacking areaSDOT-54-1-RD
Sealing Insert54with recessed gripSDE-55-PE
Screw Lid69with stacking areaSDOT-69-1-RD
Sealing Insert69with middle grip barSDE-70-PE
Screw Lid100with stacking areaSDOT-100-1-RD
Sealing Insert100with recessed gripSDE-102-PE

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