Slide top containers

With a large selection of various opening and measuring features

  • Slide top containers from H&K Müller for a diverse range of applications in pharma, the food industry and in veterinary medicine.
  • Slide top containers from H&K Müller are available in various designs with dimensions from 65 x 38 x 15 mm to 93 x 57 x 17 mm.
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000 (food safety)
  • Recycled and organic materials are available in addition to classic materials (PS).
  • Made in Germany
  • The plastic slide top containers from H&K Müller are available with a custom screen-printed design or hot-foil embossing on request.
  • Plastic slide top containers are ideal for packaging and measuring out powders, granulates and pills.
  • Moreover, the production facility is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (environment management).

Product range overview: Slide-top containers

Item NumberLength x Width - Internal DimensionsHeight - Internal DimensionDownload- product sheet
SD-65x38x1565 x 38 mm15 mmSlide-top container 65x38x15-PS
SD-67x27x967 x 27 mm9 mmSlide-top container 67x27x9-PS
SD-71x43x1771 x 43 mm17 mmSlide-top container 71x43x17-PS
SD-88x54x1588 x 54 mm15 mmSlide-top container 88x54x15-PS
SD-88x54x3588 x 54 mm35 mmSlide-top container 88x54x35-PS
SD-93x57x1793 x 57 mm17 mmSlide-top container 93x57x17-PS

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