Reusable plastic cups

Sustainable plastic cups with reusable function

  • The reusable plastic cups from H&K Müller are ideal for sustainable beverage dispensing concepts for events, concerts or use in stadiums.
  • The plastic cups from the manufacturer H&K Müller are used in many different ways as concert cups, event cups or stadium cups throughout Europe.
  • Choose your returnable cup from our standard range of plastic cups and have it decorated with up to four colours by our in-house screen printing.
  • As a manufacturer, H&K Müller is certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000 food safety and thus meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and hygiene.
  • The production facility is also certified according to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management and DIN EN ISO 50001 Environmental Management.
  • Thanks to our own design and development department and our in-house toolmaking department, we can react flexibly to customer-specific requirements.
  • Reusable plastic cups made in Germany
  • Calibration volume from 0.2 l to 0.5 l
  • Printed reusable plastic cups from the manufacturer H&K Müller are available in classic plastics (polypropylene PP) as well as in biologically based bio-plastics (Green PE).

Reusable cups made of polypropylene (PP) are practically unbreakable. When exposed to force, the plastic cups deform and do not shatter. The event cups made of polypropylene are dishwasher safe and can therefore be reused many times. They are a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to disposable cups. An individualisation with a customer-specific logo or layout is available through up to four-colour screen printing.

Product range overview: Reusable plastic cups from Polypropylene

Item NumberDiameterHeightVolumeCalibration VolumeImageDownload - product sheet
15-PP55,3-71,7 mm94,2 mm250 ml200 mlImageMB-No. 15-PP
20-PP63-81,3 mm137,5 mm500 ml400 mlImageMB-No. 20-PP

Polystyrene measuring beakers boast a high-quality, crystal-clear look. The glass-like plastic features an excellent surface hardness, yet its elasticity lags behind that of polypropylene. Its resistance against critical filling material is restricted as well.

Product range overview: Reusable plastic cups from bio plastic

Item NumberDiameterHeightVolumeCalibration volumeImageDownload - product sheet
15-GPE55,3-71,7 mm94,2 mm250 ml200 mlImageMB-No. 15-GPE
20-GPE55,8-63,7 mm137,5 mm500 ml400 mlImageMB-No. 20-GPE

Frequently asked questions about plastic cups from H&K Müller

In order to be able to offer our customers a high degree of individualisation, our returnable cups have no fixed calibration marks integrated into the cup shape. The calibration mark, of the full volume required by the customer, is integrated by H&K Müller into the customer-specific cup design.

With its reusable cups, H&K Müller is pursuing a sustainable and homogeneous concept. Our claim is to manufacture products for recycling that are as pure as possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible with IML decoration, as IML laber and cup material must be made of different plastic materials due to production requirements. As a result, the overmoulding of the rennet mixes two plastic materials which can no longer be recycled separately. For this reason, we only offer screen printing, offset printing and embossing decorations for our returnable cups, as the printing inks applied can be removed from the plastic material during the recycling process.

At H&K Müller you can obtain your returnable cups with individual decoration directly from the manufacturer. For this reason we can offer you favourable cost prices for cups with decoration. Our cups are shipped by a forwarding agency to any place in Europe. However, we do not offer additional services such as rental models, return, storage and rinsing services.

The minimum purchase quantity for individually printed returnable cups from H&K Müller is 10,000 pieces per order. The sky ist the limit.

The sustainable reusable plastic cups made of bio-plastic (Green PE) from H&K Müller are made from a waste product of the sugar cane industry. Therefore, the production of the used bioplastics does not compete with the production of food. The bioplastic material used is recyclable and offers a closed CO² cycle. This means that the CO² compounds contained in the plastic have previously been absorbed from nature by the sugar cane plants and that no additional CO² compounds from fossil sources are contained in the cups.

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