Pharmacy packaging made of plastic

Tablets, pills and capsules, pharmaceuticals hermetically sealed

The pharmaceutical product, the area of application and the safety requirements determine the type and form of pharmaceutical packaging. In the case of pharmaceutical products and medicines, special requirements have to be taken into account for the plastic material used.

The base material is selected in close consultation with our customers and in compliance with the relevant legal regulations. As a manufacturer of plastic jars and dosing aids for the pharmaceutical industry, H&K Müller selects the material according to the intended use and can modify it in cooperation with the raw material supplier if necessary. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what is important in the production of pharmaceutical packaging and can provide you with competent advice.

Packaging for the highest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

To protect the contents and to prove the integrity of the packaging, screw-top containers with tamper-evident closures and slip-top containers with tamper-evident closures can be used. This enables us to meet the high demands on quality and hygiene that the pharmaceutical industry entails. Above all, the various pharmaceutical substances require appropriate packaging that is adapted to the respective special features.

Made from sustainable and bio-based plastics on request

Sustainability and environmental protection play a major role for us and occupy us throughout the entire production process. In the area of pharmaceutical and medical packaging, sustainable bio-based plastics as well as biodegradable plastic jars also be processed on request. These plastics offer you environmentally conscious pharmaceutical packaging and at the same time meet all quality standards.

Reference products in the pharmaceutical industry

Plastic jars, measuring cups and scoops for preparations with the highest requirements

Production of pharmaceutical packaging under high quality standards

All plastic packaging for use in the pharmaceutical industry is manufactured under high quality, hygiene and environmental protection standards in our production facility in Engelskirchen near Cologne, which is certified, among other things, in accordance with ISO 22000 food safety. Among other things, we permanently review our energetic processes. At the same time, we optimise and standardise all work steps along the value chain with regard to our understanding of quality. Do you have any questions about our production facility or our pharmaceutical packaging? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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